President Trump on 12th golf trip in ninth week as President

You’re aware how this whole thing goes.

Trump says one thing

A year ago, Donald Trump convinced the public that it’s unpresidential to constantly leave the White House and he’d never do it. Here he is saying so in a weird Q&A with Chris Christie.


He doesn’t really mean it

Turns out it’s only a bad thing when it doesn’t apply to Trump, as the President is currently enjoying his 12th golf course trip in nine weeks on the job. Trump arrived at Virginia’s Trump National Golf Club on Saturday morning for what pool reporters were told was a series of “meetings,” but no other information was provided.

This is a guy who could knit a Tweet quilt dedicated to his “anti-Obama golf” tirades.


And it gets worse

He’s apparently a pretty good golfer. With an under 3.0 handicap and 19 club championships, Golf Digest ranks him as the best golfer-in-chief. For all those rounds, he better be. According to a Politico analysis, each outing costs $3 million in taxpayer money. Do the math, and that’s $36 million dollars so far.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer said today that “presidents always travel” to conduct matters of state. But to a golf course? 12 times? Even if he isn’t actually playing a round while visiting a course, the sheer cost alone could save the Section 4 Community Development and Affordable Housing from the $35 million in cuts Trump recently proposed.

But you know how this goes.


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