Golden State Warriors could skip White House visit, but they shouldn’t

In a move that isn’t entirely that surprising, the freshly crowned Golden State Warriors reportedly decided they won’t make the customary White House visit that league champions normally take.

This news is according to multiple media reports, including one from CNBC analyst Josh Brown.

At this point, it is just a report as the team’s owner had to made a non-committal statement in response.

“I can’t believe we’re getting this question already,” Warriors owner Joe Lacob said. “But honestly, that’s something we’ll worry about at the time. That’s a long time from now.”

On the one hand, not visiting the White House makes perfect sense. Warriors players and coaches haven’t been President Trump’s biggest fan. Head coach Steve Kerr has routinely called out the president for his policies and conduct, or lack thereof. In May, Kerr said he was “ill-suited” for the presidency while also calling him a “blowhard.”

David West on Trump’s election:

Steve Kerr comments on #TrumpBan

All of that would make for an awkward visit, but that’s also why I think a meeting with Trump would be so awesome.

They should all go, but before that they should keep exercising their right to free speech by criticizing his presidency. Turn up the volume. Make the message clear and double down on it. Continue to call out his racist, xenophobic, and sexist rhetoric. Stay on him for firing the people entrusted to investigate the validity of his election in the first place. Have Draymond Green scream it during the championship parade with a bottle of champagne in tow!

And then they should go.

Maybe a meaningful conversation comes out of the visit, maybe not. But the Warriors represent a different kind of sports franchise, full of thoughtful players, coaches and owners that understand a perspective outside of basketball and aren’t ashamed to express it. (Still hate them though, Go Rockets!)

Being critical of the something, but still showing up and engaging is the type of example Trump and his followers need. They need to see what agreeable disagreement looks like, and the Warriors have an opportunity to do that.


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