Donald Trump will skip MLB All-Star Game after Weekend Abroad

Breaking from tradition is kind of Donald Trump’s “thing.”

He’ll do just that by skipping out on the MLB All-Star game held in Washington D.C. this year. The Associated Press reported that Trump will skip the game after returning home on Tuesday from a trip to Europe which included a busy schedule meeting with NATO allies and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Tuesday’s Midsummer Classic marks the fifth time it will have been held in Washington D.C. since 1937, and every president that has had the chance has tossed the first pitch at the game.

“From Taft to Nixon, before a Washington [baseball team] left for good the second time, every president threw out a first pitch at least one time” in the nation’s capital,” said Frederic Frommer, author of “You Gotta Have Heart,” a history of Washington baseball.

Trump and the MLB aren’t at odds with each other, unlike his feuds with personalities in the NFL or NBA. But ever aware of ratings and friendly crowds, the president isn’t going where he’s not popular. He garnered just 4% of the vote in Washington.

Forbes contributor Bill Wahlen points out that the overall MLB landscape doesn’t lean Trump’s way.

“…Major-league baseball is played in big cities. And big cities didn’t [vote] for Trump in 2016 – that includes the 21 MLB teams in the nation’s 39 largest population centers that all opted for Hillary Clinton,” Whalen wrote.

Staying clear of America’s past time to avoid jeers must disappointment Trump’s inner child. He was an avid baseballer in high school – he was even reportedly scouted by a few teams – and when he was 12, he penned an ode to the sport.

“I like to hear the crowd give cheers, so loud and noisy to my ears. When the score is 5-5, I feel like I could cry. And when they get another run, I feel like I could die. Then the catcher makes an error, not a bit like Yogi Berra. The game is over and we say tomorrow is another day.” – Donald Trump on baseball at 12 years old (1968).

The last president to toss a ceremonial pitch at an All-Star Game was Barack Obama in 2009 in St. Louis.



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